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Recursivly print directories in Perl...with no modules

Just for fun I came up with some Perl to recursively print out a directories files and child directories. Why am I posting it? It's not that it's all that difficult or obscure, I just feel like it, and when I did a web search for code on this that doesn't use the File::Find Perl module, I was surprised as to how few results there were. So in the interest of reinventing the wheel a bit, here's what I came up with.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings;

printdir( $ARGV[0] );

sub printdir
     my $dir          = $_[0] ? $_[0] : '.';
     my $handle      = ();
     my @dirs      = ();
     my $i           = ();
     print "Directory: $dir\n";
     opendir( $handle, $dir );
     my @items = readdir( $handle );
     closedir( $handle );
     shift @items; #Get rid of .
     shift @items; #Get rid of ..
     @items = sort( @items );
     while ( $i = shift( @items ) )
          if ( -d "$dir/$i" )
               push( @dirs, $i );
          print "$dir/$i\n";
     printdir( "$dir/$i" ) while ( $i = shift( @dirs ) );

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Hey, thanks for this, is awesome. I created one but limited to 3 dirs, yours is just awesome. Thanks

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